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Family therapy is not limited to blood relatives. In this context, the term "family" applies to anyone who has a significant role in a person's life.

Because we do not live in a vacuum and each family member influences all others, sometimes family therapy is the most effective form of treatment.

There are endless reasons why people seek family therapy, and yet there are a few methods that help families address most problems. Depending on your family's needs, one or more of the following options might be employed to help you.

1. Focusing on helping family members to become less reactive to one another and helping them to address their concern directly, rather than to a third party in the family. Perspective gained in family treatment may help members to take  good care of themselves in the face of intractable problems with another's behavior.

2. Strengthening the family system by helping parents to gain more control and helping all family members to set and maintain functional boundaries.

3. Helping family members to understand the back stories that underlie and fuel family interactions. In essence, family therapy can help members to understand the unconscious motivations for behavior and the meaning of the behavior itself.

 I do not take sides or act as a judge or jury. My role as well as my responsibility is to support improved function in the entire family. In essence, the whole family is my client, rather than any one member within it.

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