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Sandy Beach


Addiction and recovery, as well as helping people sort out their thoughts and feelings about drugs, alcohol or other substances and behaviors is familiar territory to me. It is such a major part of my practice that I have devoted an entire section to it on this site.

For decades, I've worked in the following settings to help people with addiction related issues: hospitals, military programs, outpatient programs and private practice.

In addition, I've authored software that was implemented in V.A. hospital settings for patients to use to track progress as well as to focus on addiction/abuse issues that were most relevant to their recovery and treatment.

I have also consulted to numerous recovery programs in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Please click on the ADDICTION/RECOVERY topic in the MAIN TOP HEADING of this website to view a video and access detailed information about Addictions/Recovery and the services that I provide.

You will also find information for families and friends, commonly asked questions and a brief list of questions to determine whether you or someone you care about might have a problem with drugs, alcohol or behaviors that might be problematic.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with me about any concerns you may have.

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