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SAFETY and FREEDOM: The value of considering these two dynamics as we negotiate life changes.

Imagine an image of the scales of justice or an apothecary scale. That's the one with a tray on each side. If weight is placed on one tray, it drops while the opposite tray rises.

Now imagine that one holds SAFETY while the other holds FREEDOM.

As we negotiate our way through life, we come upon times where the balance between safety and freedom is challenged. Loss of a loved one or job; an offer of promotion along with increased responsibilities; marriage; divorce; creating a family; retirement; infirmity; the choice to move to another location...The life possibilities are endless.

Yet all of life transitions have one thing is common. They confront us with a choice. Should I stay with what is known and familiar, even though it might not fit as well right here and right now or should I take a chance to  give up some comfort with the familiar on a well placed bet that increased freedom and a sense of greater aliveness will develop?

Important life changes deserve consideration, reflection and an opportunity for us to make proactive life choices.

I provide a time and place in the here and now to help my clients sort out and implement options that fit for them, based on their personal preferences.

The bottom line: Life is dynamic and a process that helps us to negotiate life changes can prove to be invaluable.

I welcome your inquiry about growth and development in the face of life challenges.

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